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Solutions for:

Swimming pools

Zoo water treatment

Air purification systems

Wastewater treatment

UV Disinfection systems

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UV-Disinfection systems

Zoo water treatment

Ozone for an odor treatment

What we do

Specialized in water treatment systems for Zoo’s. UV disinfection systems for wastewater, bottled water plants, food processing plants, swimming pools. We distribute also Finnish air purification equipments worldwide. Contact us for more information!

About Us

We are passionate and creative team. Our goal is to offer you an innovative solutions for you water treatment applications. High Quality and  best service is guaranteed!

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  • Manufacturers & suppliers

    Close co-operation with well known European manufacturers.

  • After-Sale Service

    When you co-operate with us, support is guaranteed.

  • Consultation

    Not sure about a solution? don’t worry, we’ll be happy to consult and find a best possible solution for your needs based on our experience.

  • Quality

    Co-operation with well-known manufacturers guarantees a latest technology and a best possible quality.

  • Filters

  • Water Treatment

  • Fish Farm

  • Oxygen Concentrator

  • Automatc Drum Filter

  • Industrial Protein Skimmer

  • Static Mixer & UV Tower