UV water Disinfection systems (reactor and open channel systems)

Ultraviolet (UV) is a safe, clean, easy-to-maintain method of assuring that water is free of bacteria. UV Water Purification uses Ultraviolet light, just like sunlight, to kill micro-organisms that may be in the water.

We offer you high quality UV-systems including ÖNORM and DVGW third-party validated systems. We can guarantee 16 000 hours lamp lifetime for low pressure systems.

UV systems are using state-of-art ballast technology. All components are made in western Europe. Products range is from small flows to even up to 10 000 m3/h

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  • Irrigation water treatment 
  • UV waste water disinfection
  • UV drinking water disinfection
  • Aquaculture UV-systems
  • Chloramine removal in swimming pools
  • Sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB) UV-systems
  • Seawater UV-systems